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Saul: Everything That is Essential for Your Daily Existence Will be Maintained

At present, waiting is the name of the game. Yes, it is tiresome for you, but it is also unavoidable because the illusion is time-bound, just as you yourselves appear to be.

Within the context of the illusion, where you are experiencing an unreal and threatening reality due to the fear of scarcity, disease, suffering, and finally death, it takes time for events that you anticipate to occur – the apparently irreversible arrow of time!

Remember, you chose to manufacture the illusion to experience separation from God, from Reality, and as you have been frequently told, in the moment that you made that choice God instantly provided the escape from it — its resolution, your way Home.

In Reality, you are always at Home with your loving Father and all of His divine creation. The illusion was but a momentary aberration that you built to amuse yourself and into which you projected yourself in myriad forms, and with a time-line to follow; and that time-line is coming to an end.

When it does, you will awaken from the illusion to discover that but a moment has passed since you fell asleep, and that while you were sleeping nothing occurred to disturb the eternal peace of God’s divine realm.

Knowing this, as you most certainly do at the depths of your being, there is obviously no need for you to worry and get anxious as you await the moment of your grand awakening. All is flowing perfectly towards this divine event, and at the moment it happens you will all be absolutely overwhelmed with joy — a joy that is infinitely worth waiting for, although of course the wait will not be infinite! Continue reading

Mary Magdalene: The Battle of the Sexes

June 16, 2012

by Pamela Kribbe

Pamela channels Mary Magdalene

Dear friends, dear brothers and sisters,

I am full of joy to be here in this space with you. My heart truly opens up because I love you so. I am now free from earthly burdens. And I can easily see your beauty and your courage as you move on in your life on Earth. I wish you could see it yourself.

Often you are so much caught up in self-judgment and in belittling yourself. This makes it difficult to receive all that is given to you. Often I can see that your energy is tied in a knot. Your eyes are closed and you are imprisoned in your own negative judgments. And it is to be expected that you all have to deal with this sense of unworthiness as you are born on Earth.

It is part of being on Earth. In fact Earth is covered, on the energy level, with a sense of self-belittlement and judgment which is passed on from generation to generation. Some people are blessed to have experienced in childhood the sense of innocence and spontaneity that is natural to life.

But often when you incarnate on Earth as a human being your consciousness gets easily clouded by the negativity and fear here. I am here now to remind you of your true nature and to help you awaken to it in your everyday life. Continue reading

Jesus: Humanity Is On a Roll

As Channeled by John Smallman – June 17, 2012

“Words, words, words . . . but when are we to awaken?”

Many are asking this question because they feel they have waited more than long enough for this wondrous, divine promise to be honored. Time is a major part of the illusion – all of God’s divine promises are honored the moment they are made – it’s just that humanity has not yet allowed itself to let go of all the perceptions and beliefs that make the illusion seem so real.

However, you are presently receiving unprecedented help to do so, because on the time schedule that you maintain within the illusion, the moment for all to awaken is approaching very rapidly.

Do not worry; it is not something that you could sleep through and miss! Your destiny is to awaken, and unless you have made an extremely determined decision not to (and I can assure you that very few of you have made this kind of decision), you will awaken when that most wondrous moment arrives.

And arrive it will — and unexpectedly! Yes, it is indeed close, but the precise moment remains unknown to all but God.

You are on the path to an ecstatic awakening that is to amaze and delight you. Keep reminding yourselves of this divine truth, and enjoy the remaining moments until you awaken.

As you wait, make a strong intent to see and take satisfaction in the growing awareness that humanity is displaying as it embraces ever more enthusiastically the loving attitudes that are leading you inexorably homewards, and that are an essential and very necessary part of your awakening process. When you do this, you will see encouraging signs and demonstrations of these new attitudes in what might seem to be the most unlikely places. Continue reading

Saul: Relax Regularly into a Quiet and Peaceful State

Posted by Stephen Cook

As channeled by John Smallman – June 17, 2012

If you choose to pay careful attention to your intuition, your inner knowing or guidance, you can access much information and knowledge that is pertinent to your forthcoming awakening. The illusion distracts you from your homeward path by bringing your attention and focus back to your physical bodies again and again – hunger, tiredness, thirst, anxiety, fear, pain – in an endless succession of issues that it seems you need to deal with immediately.

Meditation is a way to overcome these distractions, but initially it seems impossible to quiet your mind and body, and one or other of them will divert your attention from your meditative practice. When that happens you become irritated with yourselves and frequently judge yourselves quite harshly for what you see as a failed attempt to relax and go within.

But as with any skill, regular practice is necessary for you to achieve results that you can assess as satisfactory, as a sign that you are making progress. But often you feel that your attempts are unproductive, a waste of your precious time, and so you terminate the practice to go and take care of “more important” things. Continue reading

Jeshua: The Seeds of Christ Consciousness

June 14, 2012

Pamela channels Jeshua

by Pamela Kribbe

Dear friends,

This is Jeshua speaking. It is with great fondness in my heart that I salute you. I know you all. I can see and sense your souls and I even know some of you from the lifetime that I lived on Earth over 2000 years ago. I was a human being like you.

I had access to my soul, my soul energy. But I also struggled with human doubts, fear and anger. Therefore I feel so close to you now. I know what you are going through. You are an angel, that is true, but you also have to deal with human fear and darkness.

They can cloud your access to your soul’s voice. In this moment I am saying hello to all of you, piercing through the veil of illusion. I am with you from the heart and I am telling you that a new age is about to begin. A new age in which humans will be more able to channel their soul energy to Earth.

You all have a deep longing to connect with your soul. Unfortunately in society you are not taught how to do this. There is still so much fear and negativity in society and during your upbringing and that’s why for a lot of you your consciousness becomes clouded as you grow up. Continue reading

Saul: What You Are Experiencing is Totally Unreal

As channeled by John Smallman – June 13, 2012

Progress towards your grand awakening is proceeding apace. The evidence for that may not be readily apparent to most of you because the veil that hides Reality from you is impossible to penetrate when you still hold grudges and resentments.

A number of you, through meditation and relaxation practices, have managed occasionally to completely let go of all non-loving thoughts, emotions, and attitudes for brief periods and have been rewarded with a brief and unforgettable glimpse of the loving vastness of the Reality to which you all belong.

As increasing numbers of you make a point of practicing meditation and relaxation techniques, and intend to open your hearts to allow the divine energy field to permeate you and flow out through you to assist all in the awakening process, this field intensifies.You, everyone who has or ever will experience life as a human, were, at the moment of your creation, given free will, which is a divine gift of immense power.

By entering the illusion you entered into a fog which enveloped you in an intense sense of being separated, individual, lost, and this has hidden from you your true identity, and your ability to understand what free will actually means. Continue reading

Hilarion:This is The Time of the Merging Process with Your Higher Aspects

Channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana

June 10, 2012

Beloved Ones,

This is a time of staying grounded and connected with Mother Earth. Plan to spend as much time out of doors as is possible for you.

Allow yourselves to open to the higher energies of your Higher Self and be in quiet contemplation as much as you can.

For those who are ready, this is the time of the merging process with your higher aspects.

Let the cares and concerns of this world just be what they are and keep the higher vision of yourselves in steady view. This is most important.

You are being prepared for the greater opening of your consciousness to the remembering of who you are and your reason for being here in these times of Now.

There are many loving Beings from the higher dimensions who walk by your side and give guidance and counsel as the transmutation and transformation within you takes place.

You will be experiencing the heat that rises up your spine with greater frequency now and it is important to consume great quantities of clean, pure water. This will assist in moving the higher frequencies through the meridians of your physical body in greater comfort and ease.

Keep a steady course on the Path that you have chosen and trust that all is well. Everything that comes up for review is just passing through your consciousness – bless it all and gives thanks that it is leaving. Continue reading

Sananda ~ Breaking Illusions ~ As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda ~ June 10, 2012

My ascending Lightworkers, I greet you again. We gather far and wide to usher in the New Earth. Preparations are being made and the stage is set for a glorious new future, which is becoming evident to you now.
By all observations from the Spiritual and Galactic Realms, you are proceeding splendidly and we offer our deepest appreciation for all your brave, hard work.
Today, I wish to address the subject of illusion. You have been immersed within it for such a long time and you are beginning to break the chains and restrictions that have held you back.
You know it was necessary to be fully immersed in the illusion in order to gather all you needed to transform yourselves into the Divine Beings you always were, but forgot for the sake of experiencing duality to the fullest. And so the time has come to step out of that role and welcome the true essence and reality of your multi-dimensional lives. Continue reading

Your Feelings are Yours


Your Feelings are Yours
Message from Ascended Master, Lady Nada
Channeled by: Julie Miller
June 09, 2012

Blessings to all on a beautiful day from where this message is being transmitted from. They delightful laughter of children, combined with the lively chatter of birds fills the air; the mood is light and love filled.

There are some dear souls that are pursuing along their journey to be selfless. Selflessness dear ones is a stage that each of you will at some point reach as it is required for you to fulfill the mission of your soul – your divine purpose. You will realize you have achieved selflessness when you are no longer aware of your choice to be selfless. Choices surround you every day, including the choice to love God and allow God into your heart and to accept your role of being in loving service to God and God’s word. You must be aware of the self, understand the desires, what you are sanctioned to have and do, what your preferences are then it is up to you to choose to relinquish of all that I gave example of that describes the self. It seems to be ambiguous yet it is not.

Discipline to center yourself with the polarities that flow through you, being aware of choosing between the Self, your Real Self and your Non-Self that is described and reflected through your ego. Love yourself with honour, learn to love all peoples including neighbours and those across the globe equally as you love yourself. Once you achieve the fullness of love for ALL, I ask you to discard this self and allow your True, Real Self to perform and work automatically as God; demonstrating the teachings of the masters, honoured deities, the angels and others that resonate within your precious hearts. Being as God, loving unconditionally with compassion is not a difficult concept, but this endeavour as splendid as it is, must start with the Self, with YOU.  Continue reading

Jesus: The Vast Majority of Your “Shoulds” Are Self-Imposed Stressors

As channeled by John Smallman – June 10, 2012

This waiting period – the calm and seemingly empty space before the grand awakening – can be, and is, very unsettling for many of you. You are waiting in excited anticipation for an event of enormous significance which could occur at any moment, and yet it seems that nothing is happening to bring it on.

Due to your obsession with time, that aspect of the illusion has intensified over the last few decades to such an extent that patient, relaxed waiting has become very stressful for you. And, of course, stress feeds on itself.

It is very important for you to detach regularly each day from these time-stresses that life in the illusion seems to impose on you. It does not. But you do impose them on yourselves by allowing yourselves to be ruled by “shoulds,” and shoulds almost always have an intense time element attached to them. Continue reading

Saul: You Have All But Given Up Hope of a Heaven Or a Paradise

A channeled by John Smallman – June 10, 2012

Humanity’s awareness of the need for great changes in the way you live and relate to one another and to the world herself is continuing to grow rapidly, and the constantly strengthening divine energies enveloping the planet are encouraging you to admit this to yourselves.

The informal communications network that now spans the globe allows you to find information much more easily than at any previous time in your evolutionary development, and so discover that what you are learning is shared with many others. This makes you feel far less alone and apparently unsupported when you are physically surrounded by many who have yet to start becoming aware of what is about to happen.

All those of you reading and sharing the enormous quantities of channeled information that are being widely promulgated throughout the world are, as it were, in the vanguard of spiritually evolving souls who are experiencing life in the illusion at this point in order to help and assist humanity as all its cultural, religious, political, economic, and even scientific beliefs get shaken to the core. Continue reading

Melchizedek ~~ The Transit of Love and the Light

Melchizedek ~~ The Transit of Love and the Light ~~ Channeled by Méline Lafont

Dearly Beloveds,

I Am Melchizedek and I have a message for you. The Venus Transit brought with it a further succesful transition into a higher consciousness. The Love of our beloved Goddess Venus splashed off of Her and was directed your way. These feminine and loving energies are most valuable to facilitate your shift and to even stir the most recalcitrant souls. Those huge waves of Love arrive on your shores as an energetic tsunami and cover your entire Earth surface as a kind of flood.

Not a single blade of grass nor a single energetic cell escapes this tsunami of Love. It was a necessary phase in the transformational shift that will detach everything and will change it all visibly into the new paradigm. As the seeds have been sown it is now time for them to germinate and to become visible and tangible for you. We are so grateful for these given facts and so should you! You have contributed a lot and it is thanks to you all that what had been divinely decreed, came to pass.

Nevertheless, more is yet to come as what has already transpired is but the tip of the iceberg. It will all intensify more and more and one facet will follow the previous one in a continuous stream upwards. Beginning with the drastic changes, another issue will surface and here I refer to the ominous newsflashes concerning the members of the cabal and the plans they concocted against you. Rest assured, those plans are defeated and won’t be executed anymore. Continue reading

Sanat Kumara: The Venus Mars Transit is the Gateway to the Heart

Channelled by Valerie Donner – June 7, 2012

I thought I would ask Sanat Kumara, who is called the Ancient of Days, to speak with us about the Venus Mars transit. He is from Venus and is responsible for the Earth’s ascension, as well as Venus’. This is what he has to tell you:

Greetings. I am Sanat Kumara. I will give you a quick overview of the recent events that you are feeling. Some of you are more sensitive than others. The energies that you are feeling are part of the process of shifting your bodies and your consciousness. It is necessary for many cellular and DNA shifts to occur in order for you to receive the gifts and blessings of these energies.

You have different roles to play in this process. Some of you are transmitters of the currents of higher consciousness energies. This transmission must occur when you are in more of the alpha state of consciousness; therefore, you will be in an awakened consciousness. You volunteered for this job and we apologize for the challenges that are required of you.

Your brains are also being re-wired. Some of this work keeps you awake. Many of you are sensitive to the Light at night. You must try to sleep in the dark because the Light could also contribute to your inability to sleep.

Just think about what it means to be a part of the “great awakening.” We are telling you this because you are already awake and helping to awaken the masses who don’t understand what is going on with the planet. It takes a lot of higher vibrational currents to carry the higher frequencies. Continue reading

Jeshua: Moving Into Light Consciousness


Monday, 4 June, 2012

Beloved one, I would speak with you now about moving into Light consciousness, the expanded consciousness where you take yourself lightly. I would ask of you, do you live your life lightly or heavily? For the most part? Most likely, you find that some of the time you live your life lightly. Other times there are issues that really get to you. The voice of the world tells you that life is a struggle. It is full of challenge. And no matter how you come up over one challenge and another, there will always be another obstacle on the horizon for you.

However, as you will use a bit of discipline to choose to look upon things lightly, it gets easier to see the Light in every occurrence. And the converse of that is true: as you focus on what is wrong in life, then there seems to be more and more wrong. You have a saying in your world, “Misery likes company.” Misery will attract its own, but lightness also attracts its own.

In Truth, you and the brothers and sisters—the collective consciousness—are moving into Light consciousness. Also, our holy Mother Earth is evolving, making changes as the Light being which She is.

Now, I know that for many of the brothers and sisters it is difficult to see any Light around the Earth. The Earth is just something that they walk on, drive on, pave over so that they can have more roads and more dwelling places and structures upon it. And there is not much thought that there could be Light within and around our holy Mother, the Earth, but there is because She is Light coalesced into form, the same as your body. A bigger form, but it is Light and there is consciousness, intelligence; otherwise, there would not be the coalescence into form. There has been a conscious choice of the Intelligence—and I use that with a capital “I”—to bring together a certain form dense enough that humanoids can walk on it and have no care, no thought for it for the most part. Continue reading

Sananda: Your Journey To Oneness

As channeled through Fran Zepeda – June 7, 2012

Hello, my dear Ones, dear Ascending Souls that you are! I greet you with such love and gratitude for the work you are doing to transmute the energies within yourselves and the planet. You are such precious and brave Beings, fulfilling your purpose and mission so gracefully and fully.

My love for you abounds, as does the love of every Celestial being and Galactic being, every Being, that is; we do not really have to differentiate anymore, except to be all-inclusive. You are all One with All That Is, and are increasing in Light every minute on this beautiful journey with Mother Earth on the path of Ascension.

I wish to speak with you today about purpose and Mission. It is sometimes a misunderstood concept. Allow me to illuminate this for you, if you will.

Across the Universes and across the Eons, you have toiled and grown away from Source, from your first stray from that light-filled Oneness. You agreed to do this and you were prepared to do this, and you were fully capable of doing this, and you experienced many things that you are beginning to realize the purpose of which was to bring you back to the Light and Oneness with even more Wholeness and Purity.

That is indeed your Mission, your purpose, and you are beginning to fathom the ramifications of all you have been through, dear friends. Your strength ensured your success, and your Love ensured your safety and protection. You were never alone, and you never really veered off-course, although it seemed, for much of the time, that you were lost. Continue reading

Saul: Many of You Have Been Experiencing Stirred-Up Issues for the Last Couple of Weeks

As channeled  by John Smallman

The enormously powerful energies presently enveloping and surrounding Planet Earth are stirring up vast quantities of issues that have lain dormant within the human psyche for eons and which need to be addressed and released so that you can all awaken.

Many of you have been experiencing the effects of this for the last couple of weeks and are wondering what is going on, because they have interrupted your “normal” life schedules and caused you difficulty in your daily lives. You have maybe missed important appointments, forgotten to do things that you needed to do, or just been unable to operate as efficiently as you usually do.

With all this going on you probably feel a lot more stressed, and as a result you try to “run faster” to keep on top of things. Consequently, you find you do not have enough time to meditate or take timeouts. However, when you are stressed like this, your periods of meditation and your timeouts are even more essential. It truly is far better to cancel an appointment than to cancel your meditation or timeouts.

Take your watches off, turn off your phones, and make space for yourself alone, relaxed, and quiet. You owe it to your over-stressed selves, and you most certainly deserve to take that time for yourselves. If nothing else is possible, then take a long bathroom break. Continue reading

Mary Magdalene: Message to the Venus Transit

Through Grace Elohim – June 5, 2012

Originally posted via Grace’s Facebook page

Be greeted beloved ones.

I am delighted, that this vehicle offers me the opportunity to give voice to my message of love on this auspicious day of the return of Venus and resurrection of the Goddess on planet earth. This is Mary Magdalene, also known as ascended mastress Lady Nada.

Today I speak as the daughter of Venus that I am.

I and my beloved twinflame beloved Jeshua came to planet earth in times of great darkness to assist our beloved brother Sanat Kumara to guide our younger sister Lady Gaia thru her birth into a radiant star of oneness. This has been a long journey and many of you beloved hearts came along with us as venusian starseeds to anchor the paradisean codes of unconditional love on this planet, as well as many other starseeds from other ascended star systems such as the Pleiades, Arcturus and Sirius which are all 5 dimensional.

We agreed a long time ago to bring this planet back on its orbit, as she had got out of tune and lost sight of her destination after the fall of awareness, that took place in Atlantis.

Every single being on this planet carry the seed of paradise, the seed of unconditional love in their heart. And thru this long awaited Venus transit this seed will be brought into full bloom now like a beautiful rose. It is the return and resurrection of the goddess within your heart.  Continue reading

An Hour With An Angel – Sanat Kamara

Sanat Kumara will be our guest to discuss the purpose and nature of universal laws, how things work in the universe, and what it means to us as we enter into a more expansive partnership with the heavenly realm and our star brothers and sisters.

Music: Pachelbel’s Canon and Mike Roland – Son of the Light

Listen live Monday at 8pm EST by calling in or by clicking on the show link that appears at the start of the show. A recorded archive and description will be available after the show.

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Hilarion: You have Honed Your Inner Being to Diamond Brightness

Posted by BZ Riger

Channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana

June 3, 2102

Beloved Ones,

As you go about your daily activities, it is important that you continue to stay grounded each and every day and that you devote some alone time to further your connection to your Higher Self.

It is also very important to keep every thought focused on that which you want to become manifest in your personal world and upon your Planet.

In this way, the Universe returns to you that which you give out and the Universe is totally impartial in its giving you all of that which is in resonance with your dominant thoughts.

Discipline your minds, Dear Ones, for you are powerful Creators and you bring into creation what you dwell upon.

Try to devote as much of your free time to the glory of God in all your endeavors so that you think, breathe and live for God, with God, by God and as God manifest upon the Earth.

You are walking a lonely Path as you hold to your vision for a better World and a better way but know that each day more and more Souls upon this Planet awaken in their awareness that there is much more to life on Earth than they ever dreamed was possible. Continue reading

EL MORYA. The Masters: “We Have Walked The Walk And Played The Game. We Have Lived The Lives You’ve Lived.”

AuroRa Le

EL MORYA. The Masters: “We Have Walked The Walk And Played The Game. We Have Lived The Lives You’ve Lived.” By, AuroRa Le. May 31, 2012.

☽ There is Divine intervention all around you now, though in your current state of awareness it is often difficult to perceive. This assistance comes in many forms, be it in the form of a warning, a sudden rush of love, a bright new idea or a remembrance. You carry with you the assorted memories of many lives lived constrained within the guise of the human person, and it is now that these recollections are beginning to surface. They come in varied forms; dreams, passing sparks of recognition, a moment of deja vu. Expect that this shall happen in the days and months to come, as this is a pleasant byproduct of the dismantling of the walls between us. Expect it and it will never knock you far off from your center. Yes, you are weary. Weary of the constant battles and the illusion of being separate from Creation. Continue reading

Sananda ~ Be One With The Macrocosm ~ As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda ~ May 30, 2012

Abiding by the Laws of the Universe has not always been a priority for humanity. There has been a major disconnect for such a long time. Now humanity’s collective consciousness has more fully embraced the Laws of the Universe. Even though these laws have always been in force, humanity has not been in rhythm with them up until now.
Behold the massive shift in Light and Love. That could not have been possible had the power not shifted in rhythm with the Laws of the Universe. You are going to find much more synchronicity as a result of this.
Now, with the impending alignment and balance of the masculine and feminine energies, much more is possible. This is a major step in returning to Source and becoming One with All That Is.
You are beginning to see the Divine Plan in Action, in complete full forward action. The major shifts you, our beloved Lightworkers, have initiated are seeping into every corner of the Multiverse. Be assured of that.
Please take a moment now to assess your progress in clearing old outmoded belief systems. What are your priorities now? How do you look at and consider yourselves? Are you beginning to see yourselves as ever-valuable parts of the larger Macrocosm, just as every cell in your body is an ever-valuable part of your physical body? Continue reading

Prepare for the Next Wave of Energy


Tuesday, 29 May, 2012

The times you have long prepared for have arrived. Do you know what this means?

Right now you are in one of the calmer transitions, preparing for the next big wave of energy. It’s like you have a few moments to catch your breath and reflect. As you do, it’s quickly apparent how much is changing all around you. Your own changes are at warp speed, too.

The part of you that’s conditioned by limited thinking may be feeling nervous, not seeing the other multidimensional parts of reality now on the drawing board. Just because you can’t see them, of course, doesn’t mean they aren’t there!

Divine Changemakers and Multidimensional Reality

Adding to your uncertainty, without your knowing it, is an inner conflict between the linear conventional life approach you learned and the multidimensional approach that comes naturally to you on an inner level.

As a divine changemaker, you are learning to apply the multidimensional approach more and more of the time.

As part of your spiritual growth process, you are embracing new-paradigm thinking with multidimensional approaches. The more that you apply these in your life, the more expanded your potentials become.

You see more of the subtle realms and grasp more of the deeper concepts. This adds richness to your life experience, allowing you to perceive beyond ordinary parameters.

As you learn to live in the multidimensional reality, a whole new range of options becomes available. Your path literally expands, right before your eyes. Instead of seeing your choices as this or that, you begin to realize it can be this and that. Continue reading

Saul: Love Will Be the Guiding Power and Authority

As channeled by John Smallman – May 30. 2012

When changes of such magnitude and significance as are starting to occur all across the world become known and are made public, it is to be expected that a certain amount of confusion and anxiety will arise.

Do not be concerned, but continue to hold your Light on high as you offer solace and compassion to those who are anxious or unnerved by what they see happening.

Help them to understand the significance of what is occurring and explain that clarity of purpose and intent in all relationships (personal, governmental, international), as well as peace, harmony and abundance are to replace dishonesty, conflict and scarcity that have plagued you for so long.

As honesty and integrity, with concern and general thoughtfulness for others, continue to sweep through humanity, much will be brought to light that has been hidden from you by those in positions of power and authority as they followed self-serving agendas to protect and enrich themselves and their cronies.

There will be widespread amazement and shock as information disclosing the many “irregularities” perpetrated in the name of “public security” and the “wars” on terrorism, drugs, crime, cancer, poverty and many others is made public.

Those responsible will no longer be allowed to hold office and they will be replaced by people of incontrovertible integrity so that the whole corrupt system that causes so much suffering for so many can be replaced by a totally new system that is simple, honest and transparent.

As all the information that has been withheld from you is brought out into the open via the media – initially the alternate media – there will undoubtedly be a public outcry against those responsible for bringing about this unconscionable state of affairs. Continue reading

Hilarion: These Times Require Complete Self Honesty

Channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana
May 27, 2012

Beloved Ones,

This is a time for deep inner contemplation and the discerning of that which still exists within yourselves that no longer serves the Path you have chosen.

These times require complete self honesty and the making of further choices that will set free that which has not been resolved to this time.

Many times it is in One’s perspective that the change has to take place and when clarity comes, it is usually when One has let go of the need to know the definitive answer and just allow what was and is, in One’s current situation with acceptance.

The road before you becomes ever narrower in terms of what must be done and conversely, it broadens your horizons as to possibilities. Many of you have been juggling your personal relationship issues with your deep desire for greater God connection and this has created inner conflict – for when One is faced with the sacrifice of all that One holds dear in order to connect to God within, it is most difficult to take that step.

We say the times of martyrdom are over. It is not always necessary to effect drastic changes in your life in order to progress on your Path of Ascension.

If One would look at the issues with greater detachment and a sense of deep Love, a way can be opened to have both. Some Souls are not meant to be in the front lines but rather to live gently in harmony and joy with those whom they love. Continue reading

Sananda ~ Your New-Found Freedom ~ As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda ~ 5.27.12


Greetings, fellow travelers into the 5th Dimension and beyond! All is well. Your progress has been outstanding, and astounding to some, we know.

Behold the changes. Be with them, cherish them, allow yourselves to adjust to them, and revel in them! A new dawn is approaching and you have begun an unprecedented time, dear ones.

Your loving Gaia thanks you for your assistance so far and she enfolds you in the Love you so freely are giving Her. Be prepared for even more changes as you settle into the present upliftment.

This is a time of many new concepts and meanings that are entering your consciousness now. Take some time to decipher and grasp the many changes to your understanding of the World as you once saw it and comprehended it. Expand your mind now to encompass fragile and subtle precepts that are now entering your consciousness with ever-increasing clarity and understanding. Continue reading

Saul: Ignorance is the Greatest Source of Fear on Planet Earth

As Channeled by by John Smallman – May 27, 2012

The divine plan for awakening is being achieved – right now – as you all continue to release unloving attitudes and behaviors.

Enough of you are doing this to swing humanity forwards into the new age because you are also getting enormous help from many other loving entities who have had their own struggles, understand what you are going through, and wish only to help you to reach your divine destination as they did. And so you will, as many of us in the spiritual realms keep reminding you, because it is unavoidable and inevitable.

You are, as you well know deep within yourselves, highly evolved beings of Light, just as God created you, and nothing can ever change that because what God creates is eternal and perfect. Your awakening will bring this knowledge experientially into your conscious awareness, and you will never again lose it — for you will have discarded everything that was blocking that knowledge.

As divine beings your place is with God; there is nowhere else. The places that you seem to have been experiencing for so long, and with such suffering and confusion, are unreal, regardless of the fact that to you they frequently appear to be the only reality that there is. This is due to your ongoing choice to be unaware of anything that cannot be perceived by your bodily senses. Continue reading

The Ascended Masters: Ego is Energy than can be Transmuted

May 24, 2012

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

You are all beautifully carrying forth the Light that you have held within yourselves for every bit of your Earthly experience, and this Light has gone unnoticed by so many of you throughout most of your Lives and it is now in this final incarnation you have all taken on the surface of Gaia before the beautiful harvest of souls on Her surface who are ready for ascension, that this Light held within is becoming known by many of you and is showing itself to you in less veiled ways than in the past.

The raising of the collective and individual Light quotient of humanity is one that is very specific and delicate, and one that requires much planning by you dear souls on Earth who are undergoing this experience.

It is true that on some other worlds who are experiencing lower dimensions, the access to one’s spirit Guide is more readily available than has been so on your world for the majority of your Lives in this current cycle of the lower dimensions, and this is because the ability to awaken and open one’s chakras is itself more available and easier to attain as while these worlds are themselves lower dimensional, the learning of lessons and the growing and experiencing Lives upon their surfaces are much easier processes still than those of what you are used to routinely going through on Earth. Continue reading

Saul: Emotions Sweep Through You, Over Which it Seems You Have No Control at All

As channeled by John Smallman

As the moment for humanity’s awakening moves ever closer, you are all finding yourselves dealing with “stuff” or “issues” that have been buried in your subconscious for a long time. It can be quite a shock when something arises that you thought you had dealt with years ago.

Do not be alarmed; the ego is a master of disguise and deception, and to protect itself it hides from you fears and doubts that if adequately addressed by you would loosen its hold on you. It wants to remain in control and have you react emotionally when your buttons are pushed, and so it attempts to convince you that you have dealt with something which if you did deal with it would weaken its hold on you, and so it buries it deep in the unawareness of your subconscious mind where it will fester until it demands your attention, encouraging you to find and release it.

Part of your reason for being human is to deal with and learn the lessons that the illusion provides. No one on Earth is without “stuff” that prevents him from being totally loving, however saintly he may appear to be, and for awakening to occur this has to be dealt with and released. Previously, this could be done at leisure, when you felt moved by situations or events in your lives to address and release issues that were troubling you. Continue reading

Yeshua ~ You Are Love ~ As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda ~May 22, 2012

Greetings, Souls of the Earth, my beloved Lightworkers, and all of Creation!

There is much said about Love. Love is the highest vibration. It makes up everything, it is in everything, it is of everything.

You know this, but have you stopped to observe it in action in your World around you? It is in the beautiful song of the birds in your garden, and in the forest or woods where you walk and enjoy the beautiful offerings of Mother Earth. It is in the delicate petals of the fragrant flowers you so love to enjoy. It is in the beautiful sunsets all around your World.

Most of all, it is in you and it is of you and it is You. Love is You. It has never left, dear beloveds. It is being uncovered and discovered everywhere inside and around you. You know this, but do you take the time to feel it in your hearts constantly? Do you breathe it and stoke it like embers in a fire, and do you see how much the warmth can color your whole reality? Take the time now to breathe it and stoke it and spread it throughout your heart like a furnace ignited with all the good that is in you.

My dear friends, you have made so many changes in your World already. You feel it in your hearts, and in your bones and it is in the air around you, that magnificent yet sometimes subtle fragrance of change that some do not yet embrace with as much Grace as we see many of you doing. What a wonderful spectacle it is to see from our perspective!

It is like the particles of Light have become finer and more magical around you, yes? Oh, my beloveds, you are getting a taste of the 5th Dimension more and more. Welcome to our World, my precious friends. Soak it up and get used to it. You are arriving into a paradise you have only imagined up until now. Soak it up, be present in it, be alive in it. Continue reading

Ride the Waves of Love Being Sent to Us by Universal Mother

Posted by Steve Beckow

At my request, Linda Dillon sent along a public reading from the Divine Mother that Linda gave on May 19, 2012, again on the Transition happening during the month of May.

Before we read it, please allow me to say a word about names. The Divine Mother is known by a thousand names (Holy Spirit, Shakti, Wisdom, Royal Glory, Prakriti/Procreatrix, Word, the Sound-Brahman, Aum/Amen, the voice of one crying in the wilderness, etc.). She will come in whatever form the devotee worships her.  Sri Ramakrishna worshipped her as a young girl. Some worship her as the fearsome Kali. Others as pure consciousness.

My understanding is that Linda worships the Divine Mother as Mary.  So she responds to Linda as Mary. When I spoke to her, she came more formally as the “Divine Mother” and bridged “Mary” and the “Divine Mother” by making a symbolic reference to “Mare,” the ocean, which is a common way of referring to the Father. All of that, I believe, was to assist me to recognize her in the form I worship her,  just as “Mary” appeals to Linda.

I encourage you not to conclude by her willingness here to be addressed as Mary that the Divine Mother is somehow restricted to being the Mother of Jesus. That for me would not be a true appreciation. More to the point, I believe she is simply acceding to her devotee’s wish.

Who is actually speaking here is the second member of the Trinity of Father, Mother and Child of God or Self. And, of course, the Trinity is one so the Mother is in fact no other than the Father and the Child. They are not three. All three are profound levels of reality, rather than “persons”: the Transcendental, the Phenomenal, and the Transcendental in the Phenomenal.

The bottom line for me is that whenever the Mother speaks, I listen. As Solomon said, the knowledge of her is more precious than rubies. Continue reading


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